What We Do

We take care of all your Communication needs

One Telco is an Exclusive Telco Provider, We provide the services that you need for your communications.
We give expert consultation for all your telecommunication requirements.
Are Experts in VoIP, Internet, Landlines and Data

We provide and support you with your business and personal requirements.

No Business is to small or to big for the great service that we can offer.
We're only a phone call away  at getting you started.
Support for an organisation
any size!

About Us

We have a goal to give Kiwis the best range of telecommunications services available today and tomorrow.
Each day we source the obtainability of new services and products that will help our customers with their day to day activities
Making it easier and more affordable for them to work anywhere they like, without affecting the values and profits of the business, by doing this we are investing our time to ensure that best technology available today is passed down to our customers.
Get more done anywhere, anytime, on virtually any device!