About Us

Why OneTelco?
We have a goal to give Kiwis the best range of telecommunications services available today and tomorrow, but also providing our services at the best prices available.

One Telco's success is underpinned by our ability to build partnerships with our customers and wholesalers.
These partnerships have been built on a commitment by both organisations to engage at both a strategic and operational level to gain an appreciation and understanding of the respective organisational objectives, goals and challenges. It is from this shared understanding that a true strategic partnership yields the greatest value to everyone involved.

We’ve been in the industry for more than 10 years now and we’ve seen it all change and advance. Along the way we’ve helped all kinds of business big and small use what they currently have or improve on some areas and achieve greater savings at lower costs.
“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”
David Landers

Benefits One Telco brings to your business

It makes a huge difference to have a technology partner on board who understands IT,
telecommunications and the realities of running a business.

  1. We are where you are
  2. We have access to the full range of products and services and can service your Telecommunication needs;
  3. Dedicated account management & service delivery teams to help you.
  4. We’re experts in marrying IT and communications solutions and we understand the commercial realities of running a business.
  5. As One Telco Business specialists we have the right tools and expertise of which flows on to our customers.

In summary, One Telco can offer you a straightforward pathway to implementing the right technology to take your business forward.
Ensuring your world is always within reach. Not just today, but also in the future.
  1. Welcome to OneTelco
    We spend time getting to know you as a business: your market, your processes, the nature and needs of your customers. Gathering a clear understanding of the dynamics of your sector, the activities of your competitors, areas of threat and opportunity are vital if we are to arrive at a solution that enhances your ability to work profitably. One Telco can deliver a telecommunications offering that will save money for your business and simplify the way data and calls are charged.