Internet & Data

If It's Internet connectivity you need, we've got it just for you
Our Internet service offers reliable, fast speeds that can help your business gain major efficiencies - all at a great internet value.
Solutions For Any Business,  Any Size, No matter your reach.
  1.                  ADSL
    Suited for the Small Data User
  2.                 VDSL
    Medium Sized User
  3.                   UFB
    Fast, Reliable, Suited for all Sizes Different Plans for SLA's Range of Speeds and Plans available
  4.             HSNS Fibre
    HSNS Fibre
    Dedicated Internet - Suites Multi Site connection for Private WAN's 99.8% Reliability and Uptime
Our Internet is made for Business Only
  • Fast
  • Reliable 
  • Multi site shared data plans available
  • Multi site Free on Net Data
  • UFB available from 30Mbps down to 1GBps Down
  • Get Internet and VoIP with us 
  • Plans to suit your business
Features and benefits of OneTelco Business Internet
  • 12x5 Support: Our business-grade technical support is available from 8am to 6pm
  • Predictable performance: Your connection speeds won't slow even if you exceed your monthly allowance.
  • (Excess usage charges apply after your monthly limited is exceeded)
  • Capped costs: Your excess data fees will be capped at $40 per month.
  • Greater freedom: Move up and down between plans without being penalised.