The flexible choice for Business
OneTelco VoIP  is a virtual phone system hosted in the cloud, so no more hardware or maintenance (we do that for you).
The clever bit is that all your calls are made over the internet. You just need a OneTelco internet connection.

It's got all the features of a traditional phone system but it also lets you work from whatever device you choose.
And that's from any location, in or out of the office, as long as you're online.
Calls are crystal clear, it's more flexible and it's more cost efficient. In business terms, it's a win-win.
Here's a rundown of the top reasons we think it's so nifty:
  • Manage calls more effectively
  • Keep the same numbers
  • Be more productive; your people can receive and make calls
          when out of the office more easily                                            
  • Get market-leading products you can trust with OneTelco
  • Future-proof your business, scale up as you need to
  • Get peace of mind with our NZ-based, dedicated OneTelco Voice expert team
  • Manage your entire voice base in a single solution
Great reasons to choose OneTelco VoIP
OneTelco VoIP is super-useful across a range of tasks. You can talk to colleagues for free wherever they are using the service,

Redirect your calls when you're out of the office and manage your calling features from any device, anywhere, using the online portal. It has more sophisticated call features like call recording, call centre, and audio and web conferencing that you can add for anybody who needs them.

More and More Businesses are moving to VoIP
Reduced Costs, Available anywhere, Anytime,
More Feature Options than a copper wire system

You’ve been told many things with your Telecommunicaitons, this does that, that does what and that works with that.... Well the latest and greatest.... ...Is VoIP, If you haven’t heard VoIP can reduce your monthly costs considerebly.
It can also direct your callers via an automated service to the right place, press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts, 3 for management, 5 for Sally..etc  So it does all the nasty expensive things you were told a PABX does, for alot cheaper! 
It can be answered via a deskphone, a mobile app, a pc or even on your tablet... which means - you can either get rid of stuff or save your business from buying double of something similar. 

Phone Lines

Keep the conversation going with standard lines or Featurelines
A telephone line or telephone circuit (or just line or circuit within the industry) is a single-user circuit on a telephone communication system. This is the physical wire or other signaling medium connecting the user's telephone apparatus to the telecommunications network, and usually also implies a single telephone number for billing purposes reserved for that user.
Telephone lines are used to deliver landline telephone service and Digital subscriber line (DSL) internet service to the premise.
Telephone lines are connected to the public switched telephone network.
  • Standard Phone Lines
  • ISDN BRA | PRA Lite
  • Centrix
  • Local Phone Number
  • Switching is easy
  • Keep your existing Phone numbers
  • Connect to your PBX
  • We can keep your business going